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How To Dive As A Goalkeeper? – Comprehensive Guidance

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The goalkeeper dive is a crucial skill for any young soccer goalie to learn. How to dive as a goalkeeper is one of the frequently asked ... Read More

Football Winger Guide: How to play winger in football?

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How to play winger in football? A dangerous position is a winger. The Winger's race to open areas along the sidelines, cross the ball, and ... Read More

How To Play Attacking Midfielder? Beginner’s Tips for Midfielder

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Attacking Midfielders are responsible for controlling, handling, and determining the outcome of a match. Like the combination of a midfield, there are also midfield types. ... Read More

How To Play FullBack In Soccer, Is It Hard To Be A Fullback?

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"How to play fullback in soccer ?" is a frequently asked question, because it is one of the most demanding positions in soccer. They're counted ... Read More

What Position Should I Play In Soccer? A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Position

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What Position Should I Play in Soccer? Is one of the frequently asked questions before you going out the field. Most soccer players have a ... Read More

How To Kick A Ball In Soccer? A Step-By-Step Guidance For Beginner

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How to kick a ball in soccer? When playing soccer, have you ever wanted to score a goal but felt your shot was too weak? ... Read More

what are soccer juggling tips in football?

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Juggling the ball is a way of playing football that helps train eye-foot coordination. You put the ball on the instep with your foot and ... Read More

How to chest control a football? Tip for beginners

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Every young player who starts training to become a professional must learn how to chest control a football. To master this skill, young players will ... Read More

Top 10 football tips for beginners to become a great player

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Are you looking for football tips for beginners? Football is a challenging sport that demands the utmost in physical prowess, strategic thinking, and collaboration. Here, we've ... Read More