How to watch 3pm kick offs in The Uk – Detailed Instructions

how to watch 3pm kick offs in the UK

How to watch 3pm kick offs in the UK? Since before the Premier League was established, broadcasters are only permitted to air the early and late matches on national television in the UK. Saturday 3pm kick-offs are one exception.

The majority of weekend football games start at 3 p.m., with numerous games taking place at once, but due to the “football blackout,” these games are never televised live on television.

Is it illegal to show 3pm football?


No, it is not. The 3 pm blackout, in effect since the 1960s, forbids the broadcast of games between 2:45 pm and 5:15 pm in order to preserve attendance across the board for football.

How to watch 3pm kick offs in the UK

There are many ways to watch 3 o’clock kickoffs in the UK. Here are the suggestions we found to work for you.



You must have access to FuboTV, a US-based streaming service, in order to view 3pm matches in the UK.

You will have access to NBCS, NBC’s sports network, with FuboTV. This network airs all of the Premier League matches.

Obtain FuboTV by following these easy steps:

Step 1: Purchase ExpressVPN for $6.67/month.

Step 2: Set up the VPN program.

Step 3: Open the VPN application and join a US server.

Step 4: Visit

Step 5: Enroll in a 7-day free trial (use a MasterCard or PayPal and enter a fake US Zip Code)

Step 6: View the Premier League’s 3 PM kickoffs.

The benefits you receive go far beyond merely having access to the Premier League stream. You can watch the EPL, Champions League, La Liga, Ligue 1, MLS, NFL, MLB, PGA Tour, and a ton more by signing up with Moreover, movies and TV series.

Sky Sports

Sky Sports

There are 168 games available to be aired throughout the season, and each game shown on Sky costs £148. Sky Sports Main Event, Sky Sports Premier League, and Ultra HD will all carry the game’s telecast. 

Sky Sports is available from NOW both in conjunction with your TV service provider and separately with a separate subscription. Additionally, this Sky Sports membership offers more adaptable streaming services with day and month-based subscription packs.

To sign up for Sky Sports:

Step 1: go to

Step 2: Select the Sign-up menu item.

Step 3: Follow the directions displayed on-screen.

Step 4: By following these steps, you will successfully register for Sky Sports.

BT Sport

BT Sports

On BT Sport 1 and BT Sport Ultimate, the West Ham United vs. Newcastle United match will be shown live. Each of the 168 games that will be shown on BT Sport during the current season, and this platform will cost £178.50. 

The Arsenal game is being shown live on BT Sport 2, and you can follow all the build-up leading up to it as well as the most recent Arsenal news, injury updates, and live results from other English Premier League games. BT Sport is now available on BT TV.


Geo-restrictions are used by several broadcasting services. This implies that you might not be able to view EPL live broadcasts depending on where you are.

You can get past these limitations by utilizing a VPN. VPNs will mask your true location and deceive streaming providers into believing you are in an area where the English Premier League is easily accessible. The most EPL games are streamed in the US, Canada, and the UK. The streaming service will allow you to access the content if your VPN is set to the USA location.

With so many VPNs available, it might be challenging to choose the right one for your needs. 

Which VPN should I use?



Three primary membership levels are available from ExpressVPN, and each one comes with the same benefits. Although you must pay the entire subscription charge up front, the monthly cost decreases the longer you enroll.

A six-month subscription is priced at $9.99 each month, while the monthly plan is $12.95. You may save 49% on a 15-month subscription plan, lowering the monthly cost to $6.67.

For the greatest all-around VPN service available, this is a great value.

There is a 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee included with every subscription. In essence, you have a month to test ExpressVPN free of charge.

Simply get in touch with customer care within 30 days of signing up to receive a complete refund. Within 5 to 10 business days, you will have your money refunded.


  • Exceptionally quick worldwide and compatible with widely used platforms and services
  • Unrestricted, quick, and safe P2P traffic
  • Strong encryption and security with AES-256
  • No IP or DNS leaks and audited zero-logs policy
  • Using smart DNS with Apple TV and gaming consoles


  • not a Linux GUI



Ivacy VPN, a reputable VPN service owned by PGM Private Limited, has been in operation since 2007. Your information is kept secure by Ivacy VPN because to its no-logs policy and its dependable protocols, like OpenVPN and WireGuard. 

The three premium options available from Ivacy VPN are the monthly plan, the one-year plan, and the five-year plan. Ivacy VPN does not provide a free plan. However, you may sign up for a risk-free seven-day trial or a one-day free trial for $0.99. Netflix is difficult to unblock with Ivacy VPN. It can take a few attempts for you to gain in.


  • Ivacy VPN is a reasonably priced and simple-to-use VPN that lets you connect to 10 devices simultaneously.
  • The VPN doesn’t offer a ton of sophisticated capabilities, but it does have some helpful ones, like split tunneling and a kill switch.
  • Ivacy VPN’s upload and download speeds are consistently poor, yet even across vast distances, its latency is very low.
  • Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are difficult to unblock, but Hulu may be more successful.


  • Ivacy VPN struggles to distinguish out in a crowded VPN market due to slow connections and subpar streaming capabilities.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access VPN is still one of the top VPNs, despite being one of the oldest still in operation. It provides twice as many simultaneous connections as most rivals, boasts impressive Speedtest results, has a wonderful user interface, and has sophisticated network options that enable complex configuration. 

Customers are more likely to trust it thanks to a recent third-party audit, although the cost has progressively increased in recent years.


  • Multi-hop 10 simultaneous connections with split tunneling
  • there are several server sites
  • decent Speedtest results
  • Third-party audit completed 


  • Expensive
  • No free model


NordVPN 2022 2023

NordVPN boasts the largest network of any widely used VPN provider, with more than 5500 servers spread across nearly 59 countries. You will be able to watch all the sporting action without any lags or buffering thanks to its incredibly fast connection rates.

All popular streaming services may be unblocked with NordVPN, and you can even watch EPL live streams on devices without VPN support. Users will gain from cutting-edge security features including a kill switch and next-generation encryption. Additionally, it can be manually installed on particular wireless routers.

The monthly cost of NordVPN is $3.09, but you can get more offers by browsing our tempting NordVPN deals.


  • 5500+ servers
  • SmartPlay for straightforward streaming
  • Unblocks consistently EPL streaming
  • superior security
  • thirty-day money-back promise


  • No router app


CyberGhost 2022 2023

Through its Virtual Private Network, CyberGhost VPN provides small enterprises with a multi-platform, dependable security system for protecting privacy and data communications (VPN). The major advantages of CyberGhost VPN include comprehensive network concealment, privacy protection, multi-platform encryption, and content filtering.


  • Works with many kinds of gadgets (PC, Android, iOS, Mac, etc.)
  • Seven devices can all be connected to you at once.
  • may establish connections to more than 7000 servers worldwide
  • not keeping track of your online activity


  • The servers are slower than those of other VPNs.
  • If you don’t join up for a long time, it can be expensive.

How to watch 3pm kick offs on firestick

Step 1: Open Firestick Home

Open Firestick Home

Step 2: Select the Find menu

Select the Find menu

Step 3: Click on the “Search option

Click on the Search option

Step 4: Select “Internet Browser” from the list after typing it.

Type Internet Browser

Step 5: Whenever the screen below shows, click the Internet button.

Select the Internet icon

Step 6: Click on “Download” and wait for the app to install.

Click on Download

Step 7: Wait until the download is completed

Wait until the download is completed

Step 8: To launch the installed browser, choose “Open.”

Select Open

Step 9: When the browser launches, select Accept Terms.

click on Accept Terms

Step 10: By default, a tab for would be open.

By default Bing

Step 11: Enter the URL OR and click Go

Step 11

Step 12: Select Football from the menu

Step 12

Step 13: Choose the Channel after choosing any match.


Step 14: Start streaming!

This free tutorial will show you how to use the Firestick and Amazon Silk Browser to stream live sports events for free from anywhere in the world while simultaneously watching your favorite football games.

Don’t forget to set up and utilize ExpressVPN on FireStick if you want to stream free live football games while maintaining your online privacy.

How to watch Premier League 3pm kick offs

how to watch 3pm kick offs in the UK

So, how to watch 3pm kick offs in the UK? To make it seem as though you are in the US, you must first spoof your internet connection. You need a strong VPN to accomplish this. I advise spending a little more money to get ExpressVPN ($6.67/month) if you want the fastest VPN speeds possible. Premium VPN provider NordVPN offers unmatched speeds and top-notch privacy.

We advise buying ether Private Internet Access ($2.85/month) if you want a straightforward VPN that works with the bare minimum of trouble. Your next requirement is a subscription to an international sports package. 

We advise using, a US online cable TV provider. You have access to full Cable and it works with non-US cards. You can stream EVERY Premier League match with these two tools, including Saturday afternoon games at 3pm.

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