Football Winger Guide: How to play winger in football?

how to play winger in football

How to play winger in football? A dangerous position is a winger. The Winger’s race to open areas along the sidelines, cross the ball, and outmuscle opponents one on one. They can play defense and score.

Good wingers maintain their composure and persevere through the discomfort. Although they occasionally play in the center of the field, they mostly play close to the sidelines. The most important qualities of a good winger will be discussed in this post, along with some advice on how to be a winger in football.

Roles of the winger

winger in football and Roles of the winger

Create opportunities to score goals.

Depending on the team’s game plan for a particular match, the winger’s position on a soccer team might change significantly. However, the winger’s obligation to provide their teammates with scoring opportunities remains constant.

Lengthen the opponent’s defense.

Another responsibility of a winger is to make room for the forwards to move around as part of their function as a provider. They are frequently the team members most capable of doing this.

The winger will attempt to hold the ball out on the field’s flank in order to play this role and move the fullbacks out of position.

Advance the ball and get around the defenders.

Moving the ball up the field as swiftly and skillfully as feasible is another duty of a winger. A skilled winger will change up their play patterns and sideline movements to make defenders work hard to get the ball back.

The winger needs to be able to outmuscle defenders and get in behind the defense. For this reason, a lot of outstanding players are adept at dribbling the ball quickly.

Make scores for their team

overlapping run

Although receiving the ball from the midfielders, stretching the play, and delivering crosses into the box are the winger’s key responsibilities, they also have a duty to put the ball in the back of the net for their side.

Although the “winger” is not typically a goal scorer, their assistance is nonetheless important. They must possess a keen eye for goal-scoring situations and the ability to seize those chances.

Top 3 famous wingers in the world:

Top 3 famous wingers in the world

  • Sadio Mane (Liverpool)
  • Vinicius Jr (Real Madrid)
  • Mohamed Salah (Liverpool)

Top 5 qualities of a good soccer winger

Top 5 Qualities of a Good Soccer Winger


The position on the field that requires the most physical effort is the winger. They must sprint long distances and jog back and forth across the field. A winger may be in the opposing goalie’s box one second and the defensive half the next. A winger needs to be very resilient. If not, you’ll need to be replaced frequently in order to be useful.


Wingers frequently outpace opponents and sprint into open space. A quick winger with good dribbling skills may be lethal. When receiving passes close to the sideline, you can cross the ball, and when making runs towards the middle of the field, you can go straight for the goal.

Dribbling ability

Wingers have good opportunities to dribble on the sidelines since they are less congested than the middle of the field. Wingers frequently face off against other wingers and defenders, so reading How to Dribble a Soccer Ball and How to Perform Soccer Moves and Tricks will teach you how to out dribble opponents and successfully dribble down the sidelines.

Crossing ability

Compared to other positions, the wings cross the ball the most. They frequently cut corners. To be effective, you must cross safely while sprinting. You ought to be able to evade a defender and quickly cross the ball (before it is stopped).

Defending ability

Wingers must play defense. In one-on-one situations, the opposing winger will be your opponent. Wingers need to develop their ability to slide tackle, hold off the opposition, hold their man while he makes runs, and defend crosses.

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How to play as a winger in football?

How to play winger in football?

Beat the man

To outrun your opponent, use your speed and soccer maneuvers. By dribbling close to the sideline, you can evade the wingback if you’re quick enough. If not, you can outrun the defender or use a forward to make a one-two pass to get in position for a cross.

Skip if delayed

The opposition winger will probably leave you some space after you pass him a few times and try to delay rather than tackle. A center midfielder will come over to double-team you if you start to slow down.

Pass the ball to avoid this. You have a lot of choices. A through ball down the sidelines or a ball to the forward feet are both options.

Learn to stop and start techniques.

These maneuvers are ideal for preparing a cross or evading a defender approaching from the side. Study techniques like the stop and go and Shiki.

Cut inside

Wingers are anticipated to dribble down the sideline by defenders. You can go by your opponent with a swift cut inside. From there, you can straighten up, pass, or outmuscle the center midfielder.

A large opening in the defense is created by beating the center midfielder (or making him mark you before passing).

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Run diagonally

Aim towards the goal while cutting inside, passing the ball, and running (run diagonally to stay onside).  Occasionally, when the center midfielder gets the ball, make diagonal runs. This will shock the opposition. Effective diagonal runs result in breakaways (which lead to easy goals).

To make it easier to imagine how to play as a winger, watch this video:

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Above are our tips on how to play winger in football. The winger is one of the positions in soccer that is most frequently used. These players are used in many formations and can give aside a big advantage.

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