How To Play Attacking Midfielder? Beginner’s Tips for Midfielder

How To Play Attacking Midfielder

Attacking Midfielders are responsible for controlling, handling, and determining the outcome of a match. Like the combination of a midfield, there are also midfield types. Today, ASC Football will share details about How To Play Attacking Midfielder to help you understand better and more accurately.

What Is Midfielder?

what is midfielder

Midfielders (abbreviation: MF) are players who play in the middle of the squad: below the striker and above the defender. The main task of this position is to find a way to win the ball from the opponent, launch an attack to bring the ball up to the striker, or score a goal.

Both attack support and flexible defense support. Play a significant role in the squad, considered the team’s brain.

The number of midfielders in the squad may vary depending on the selected team lineup and each individual’s role. The types of midfielders can be mentioned as holding midfielders, attacking midfielders, and versatile midfielders.

In general, a promising midfielder is both highly combative and creative. Without the support of the midfielders, a good striker will not have many attacking opportunities, while the defense will have to fend off constant attacks.

Since they occupy the most critical positions on the pitch, midfielders have more influence on the game than any other position, especially if they have the tactical vision and the ability to score goals.

How Many Types of Midfielders Are There?

How Many Types of Midfielders Are There?

Usually, midfielders will be divided into 3 main positions: Center, Wing, and Defense.

Central Midfielder

Central Midfielder (abbreviation: CM) are players who play in the middle of the team. This is the team’s most crucial position, representing many different roles on the field. The central midfielder must cover the game and have good vision and control. It is difficult for big teams to succeed without a good central midfielder dominating the midfield. Most of the central midfielders are the team’s mainstay and are the players with the best physicality, skills, and technique.

The best central midfielders in the world can be mentioned as Midfielders Luka Modric, Sergio Busquets, Paul Pogba, Toni Kroos, N’Golo Kante, David Silva

Sergio Busquets
Sergio Busquets


Wingers (abbreviation: LM/RM) are players who play on the flanks and tend to attack along the touchline. Usually, it will be divided into two types: left winger and right winger. However, when playing in the squad, the two wingers can switch positions continuously if there are two-footed players.

Wingers are usually agile, fast, have good dribbling techniques, and can pass along and cross the ball accurately. In today’s modern football, wingers have become the most noticed positions in the game. Most right-wingers drop back to defend while also playing inside, moving forward as a striker, or switching wings when necessary.

The best wingers in the world like Stanley Matthews, Jimmy Johnstone, Gareth Bale, Ángel Di María or Arjen Robben

Gareth Bale
Gareth Bale

Defensive Midfielder

Defensive midfielders (abbreviation: DM) are players who have a central position but stand above the defense. This position is not usually present prominently on the field but is very important in modern football matches.

The primary duties of a Defensive Midfielder include:

Block the opponent’s attack by directly blocking or assisting teammates in blocking.

Distributing the ball from the center to the two lines or passing the ball forward to the attacking players.

Receive the ball from the defenders and continue to pass forward.

Defensive midfielders are sometimes sent to two sides to prevent the opponent’s side-to-center moves.

Cover for the full-backs, other midfielders, and even central defenders when they rise to participate in the attack but have not yet retreated.

Pressurize the opponent to pass the ball to the side instead of attacking directly, reducing the pressure on the defense.

The best defensive midfielders in the world: Rodri (Manchester City), N’Golo Kante, Joshua Kimmich

Rodri Manchester City
Rodri (Manchester City)

Types of midfielders in football

Attacking midfielders (abbreviation: AM) often play slightly higher positions than midfielders in other positions. The main task is to support the striker and score goals. The attacking midfielder is influential on the pitch, just like a proper striker. Requires players to have good technical ability, the ability to pass the ball to create mutations, dribbling skills, and the ability to shoot and finish accurately.

Box-to-Box Midfielder (abbreviation: BBM). Are flexible, mobile players on the field. When playing, they can take on many different positions on the field, not playing in a fixed position. Requires players to have excellent physical strength and compete for the ball, pass, shoot, and keep the ball.

Deep-lying Midfielder (abbreviation: DLM). They are the supporting players below the central midfielder and above the central defender. Players from the bottom line must pass the ball accurately at all distances and observe keenly.

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How To Play Attacking Midfielder?

These players often act as the mainstay of the team’s attack. The attacking midfielder is an important position that requires the player to possess superior technique in passing and dribbling and, most importantly, the ability to read the position of the opponent’s defense to launch. Passes that tore through the defense for the strikers.

The primary role of the senior attacking midfielder is to create long-range and scoring opportunities using superior observation, control, and technique, by executing crosses, passes and passes the ball for teammates.

how to play attacking midfielder
How to play attacking midfielder

They may try to set up shots for themselves by dribbling or hitting the wall with a teammate. Attacking midfielders can also run into the opponent’s box to finish off another teammate’s pass.

One such popular formation is the “Diamond” 4–4–2 (or 4–1–2–1–2), in which attacking and defensive midfielders are identified, replacing the midfield pair more traditional centre.

Soccer Midfielder Tips

tips for playing attacking midfielder

First-touch perfection

Before you get the ball, the other team’s defenders will attempt to dispossess you. The first touch must be proper, so the ball stays on foot. 4-4-2 has advice on improving your first touch. A faulty initial touch can halt the team’s momentum or lead to dispossession.

Respond quickly and wisely

What’s next after a classy first impression? Good attacking midfielders can dribble, pass, and shoot. The other team will steal the ball if you don’t move fast.

Pass accurately

Learn good passing techniques and weight your passes. First, you must know where the ball will meet your target player. Also, consider where the defenders are and if they can reach the ball. This ability may require additional practice. Learn from Cesc Fabregas’ accurate passes.

Move creatively

A mobile attacking midfielder was mentioned earlier. Creative mobility is needed. You must relocate where teammates can easily pass you the ball. Defenders will try to keep the ball from landing on your foot, but you must prove that you are a CAM and are there to destroy them. Instead of rushing directly at the ball, fake a run and dart the other way or run diagonally. This helps you get the ball more easily.


Good chemistry drives a team forward. As the attacking pivot, you should always be in sync with your teammates. Always analyze your teammates’ moves. This improves the chances of keeping possession and scoring. Practice team chemistry before the match.

Ability to shoot

Yes, create scoring chances. You’re also a second striker. When the striker is surrounded by defenders, look elsewhere for a pass. If you can score or attempt, take a shot. When the ball goes in, you’ll be glad.

Master dribbling

Passing the ball to your target might be tricky. You can’t pass to your defensive midfielder or defender. You must do a Messi on their defenders. Even Messi uses simple movements like the body feint perfectly. Dribble through them and reach the goal. Your goal is to score or set up a teammate to score. 


You shouldn’t run back to your defenders’ line and do their job. It doesn’t imply you should chase the ball around the pitch to dispossess opponents. Instead, pressure the opponent’s center backs, midfielders, and wingbacks. Try to prevent the other team from attacking.

Clinically finish

Good attacking midfielders should also be good finishers. You’d try to score. Dele Alli and Sadio Mane are two CAMs that can finish well.

You can refer to these soccer midfielder tips to improve your kicking skills in midfield:

(Source: YOUTUBE AllAttack)


We’ve provided you with guidance on how to play attacking midfielder. This position is the bridge between the attack and the defense. Therefore, the role of this position is significant. You can find more information about soccer midfielder tips. All information about the ball can be found at ASC Football!

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