How to kick a ball in soccer? a step-by-step guidance for beginner

How to kick a soccer ball for beginners

How to kick a ball in soccer? When playing soccer, have you ever wanted to score a goal but felt your shot was too weak? You can take that shot or pass to your teammates far up the field by making a few simple mechanical tweaks that help you create long kicks with strength and accuracy. 

Shorten your stride, contact the center of the ball with the top of your foot, and continue through the swing to kick a soccer ball with force. Scroll down to see detailed guidance on how to kick a soccer ball step by step. 

How to kick a soccer ball for beginners

How to kick a ball in soccer

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Your body should be relaxed. Too many individuals are preoccupied with producing power. By forcing your shot, you run the risk of losing control of the ball and reducing the strength of your hit. Instead, let your torso sag so that your shoulders are aligned, and your ankle is the only area of the strain.

Your body should be relaxed

2. Retract your leg. Draw your kicking leg back while gently bending your non-kicking knee. Avoid positioning yourself too far back since doing so will prevent you from rapidly swinging your leg forward to accurately throw the ball.

Retract your leg

3. Your toes should be pointed downward. Angle your toes downward when kicking with your rear leg. As a result, your ankle locks.

Your toes should be pointed downward

4. Step forward with your leg. Swing your leg in the direction of the ball. As you do this, keep your foot inclined downward. Extend your foot just before you contact the ball to release the force in your leg.

Step forward with your le

5. Make touch with the big toe’s knuckle. Your coaches instruct you to kick the ball with your shoelaces. You are technically kicking underneath that. Your big toe joins the remainder of your foot at the knuckle. When the region just above it contacts the ball, this big bone generates force. As your foot touches the ball, pay attention to it.

Make touch with the big toe's knuckle

Watch the video tutorial here:

How to properly kick a soccer ball

It takes hours of practice and repetition utilizing the proper soccer kicking technique to learn how to kick a ball in soccer. Later in life, soccer ball kicking abilities will be influenced by practicing and using the right technique.

Players kick soccer balls to shoot, pass, or dribble around opponents. Not every kick needs to be flawless, but making it a habit to kick the ball with the proper technique can help players kick it more often with more force and precision. The necessity for constant practice is evident among athletes.

You may learn to kick the soccer ball firmly and accurately by practicing and using the right technique. For the proper kicking technique to develop, years of practice and repetition are required.

Players may learn how to include a curve, power, and other kick varieties after the fundamentals are imprinted in their muscle memory. Young athletes require coaching to reach their full potential because they lack patience.

Time and practice are the most important aspects in learning to shoot or pass with quickness and precise precision. Players can practice their kicking techniques alone, in groups, or with loved ones. Locate a wall, garage, rebound goal, or other structure to receive the ball. Kick the ball using the proper soccer kicking technique, then do it again.

How to Kick a Soccer Ball the Right Way Consistently 

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The best football players in the world

To help you have more motivation to practice, we have compiled a list of the best-performing bridges in the world. See if your idol is on it.

Erling Haaland (Man City)

The first player on this list who has a high potential to get to the revered No.1 place on this list in just only a few years.

Haaland has been awe-inspiring since his emergence into the world of professional football. He was a dynamo during his time with Red Bull Salzburg and made an ode to the Bundesliga wearing the Dortmund shirt. In total, he scored 86 points across 90 games in Red Bull Salzburg. latter.At 6’4″ He is a mighty force that only a handful of players are able to be able to contain. The defences of all of the Premier League are learning this lesson in the toughest way possible as he translates his impressive technique to other teams.

Kylian Mbappe (PSG)

Haaland’s biggest rival for the title of the best footballer in the world’, is no doubt Kylian Mbappe. Mbappe has an acceleration that would surpass Doc Brown’s DeLorean in awe. At just 23, he has scored 110 goals in the 117 PSG league matches with 27 of them in the 57 France nation-wide caps.When Mbappe is running at you, there’s nothing you can do other than to scream and pray for a backup. His precise control is unparalleled and his slick finishing skills are the cherry on top.

Kevin De Bruyne (Man City)

De Bruyne is the best soccer player throughout Premier League history and has made many of the shocking passes you’ll ever observe. Along with scoring goals, he is also able to take nets off of them himself.This is all very well and excellent, but what distinguishes De Bruyne from the other like-minded players is his dazzling physicality and speed. The Belgian is stronger than you would expect and when in full force He is a quick athlete with the football. He has everything.

Robert Lewandowski (Barcelona)

Lewandowski is among the best athletes in the world today. Lewandowski scored 344 goals across the 375 games played across all tournaments at Bayern Munich, including 41 Bundesliga strikes in only 29 games during 2020/21. He seems to be fitting into his new home at Barcelona as well.

Lionel Messi (PSG)

Messi is the reigning Ballon d’Or winner following a spectacular finale in Barcelona and also after winning the trophy in Argentina. His impact cannot be denied and his talents should never be under-valued.

Despite a rocky beginnings at PSG but he managed to turn the corner in the last season, scoring 11 goals and assist 14 in his 33 appearances across all competitions and tournaments, which included the Champions League. He’s already begun 2022/23 with three goals as well as two assists in just three matches and we’re in the midst of another huge season from the young genius


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