How to chest control a football? Tip for beginners

How to chest control a football

Every young player who starts training to become a professional must learn how to chest control a football. To master this skill, young players will need a long time to practice. But one thing is for sure, every player must learn this skill if they want to master the skill of controlling the ball in the game. ASC football will give you some tips to help you do this in this article.

Chest control is an important technique

With the high balls, if you want to gain control, mastering the chest control skill is necessary. However, receiving the ball with the chest is one thing. Chest control requires you to have the correct technique to do it.

How to chest control a football?

How to chest control a football?

Here are 3 football tips for beginners to chest control in football:

Push the ball up

Pushing the ball back into the air will give you more time to balance and determine where it will go later.

Bring the ball to the ground

Bringing the ball to the ground is a way to keep control of the ball when an opponent’s defender is attacking you. Or simply when you want to make an instant pass or kick. With this move, you need to be decisive and quick to control the position.

Ball’s redirection

Divert the ball by turning to push it in a different direction from the original target to avoid attacks to fight for control of the opponent’s ball.

ball redirection
The drop point of the ball must be right on your dominant foot for successful chest control

Chest control in football technique

First, you need to spread your feet shoulder width apart for balance.

Then lean back slightly, arms outstretched to the sides naturally, shoulders straight with the ball and do not rotate in other directions.

Let the ball hit mid-chest, just below the collarbone, and then land the ball on the same side of your dominant foot.

If the ball is coming at a slow speed, you need to start up 1 beat before to catch the ball. If the ball is coming at a fast rate, you need to cushion the ball several times until you have enough balance to control the ball when it hits the ground.

The perfect time to do chest control is when the ball is about 1-2 feet away from you before it hits the point of touch. Don’t let the ball land directly on your body as that will make it difficult for you to keep your balance when you catch the ball and make a pass or kick the ball on the second touch.

chest control technique
There are 3 ways to chest control depending on the specific situation

How to practice chest control

To practice how to chest control a football, you need to have a ball and a partner to practice with. If you don’t have one, find a wall high enough to create a high ball.

There are 2 exercises suitable for 2 cases of practicing with friends and practicing alone.

First, when practicing with a partner, make sure you are about 3 m apart and the pitcher will hold the ball with his hand. Then have you practice doing a high kick so you can catch it with your chest. When doing chest control, try pushing back to your partner or letting the ball touch the ground. Perform 10 times on each turn or practice until both of you are tired.

When practicing alone, stand about 3 m away from the wall and then throw the ball to hit the wall so that the ball bounces back to you and then perform chest control. If you can’t find a suitable obstacle, you can also throw it high and perform chest control afterwards. When the ball hits your chest, try passing the ball in the air or letting it hit the ground and then making a short pass.

how to practice chest control
Let’s practice chest control with friends to increase the excitement

You will be wrong when

If the drop point of the ball behind the chest control is not the position of the dominant foot but flying everywhere, it is because your shoulder is not straight but rotated all the way. Keep your shoulder always facing the ball so the touch can get it on the right track. If you want to raise higher after the first touch, you can rotate your shoulders to direct in the desired direction.

If the ball lands on the right foot but is too close to make it difficult for you to pass the ball smoothly, push the touch forward slightly. Moving it a little forward will make it easier to pass or shoot.

Incorrect football chest control
The initial practice inevitably makes mistakes, try to be persistent and you will be good soon

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Players with the best chest control in football

9 Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Not only being among the greatest goal scorers in football’s history but also Ibrahimovic also has impressive ball control, which is in line with his enormous self-esteem.

A Swede that has described him as “god” will pounce on opposing defenses to take down a ball using his head or chest.

8 Roman Riquelme

The name may not be an iconic name in the world of football, but trust me when I say that Roman Riquelme is one of the greatest ball controllers the world of football has ever witnessed.

6 Mesut Ozil

The Mesut Ozil that we saw at Real Madrid might not be present anymore however, I’m certain that this 2014 World Cup champion isn’t losing his magic touch when it comes to squeezing and controlling a soccer.

7 Dennis Bergkamp

Dennis Bergkamp versatility and ability to play in a variety of positions throughout his career was perhaps the most discussed characteristic that made him a German legend.

The most crucial characteristic in his play was his capability to flawlessly and accurately manage the ball. You must check out his video clips on YouTube.

6 Andres Iniesta

Spanish world cup champion “Andres Iniesta” is among the modern-day footballers who can make you gasp with his impressive control of the ball.

5 Neymar Jnr

Brazilian star “Neymar Jr” has the most resemblance to a modern-day Ronaldinho. With a wealth of tricks and skills Neymar is also a fantastic control of the ball.

4 Lionel Messi

Perhaps the most famous ever football player. Messi’s unnatural and pure footballing abilities also make to rank him fourth on our list of.

3 Zinedine Zidane

Even during his youth, Zinedine Zidane never possessed the speed or agility of the ball, however it wasn’t necessary because his Frenchman had always excellent in control over the ball regardless of the circumstance he was in.

2 Ronaldinho Gaucho

A monster! Ronaldinho is possibly the greatest player to play on a football field.

Everything that the Samba legend performed on the field seemed natural and effortless. Ronaldinho was not just an effective dribbler with a large collection of tricks. He was also a pro in controlling the ball.

1 Dimitar Berbatov

Berbatov is unlikely to be considered if the list of the top 50 players from football’s past were to be created However, there was something that the former Tottenham striker had more of than the rest.. “Ball Control”.

With the information we provided above about how to chest control a football, now you can start trying chest control. Let’s start practicing according to what has been indicated in the article to improve your playing skills. And do not forget to follow us every day to update the latest information about world football.

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