Founded in February of 1974, the ASC (Aria Soccer Club) was created by Reza and Taher Khalili (Club President).   The club’s drive and yearning for success could be seen as early as their first official game in March of that year when the club played and tied the University of Houston team, 2-2, and later next month when they entered their first tournament, the International Cup.   They won the tournament by defeating the University of Houston team 4-2 in the final game.

     Later in September of the same year, the club was entered into the second division of the Houston Soccer League, and soon was promoted to first division the following year.   Joined by several professional national players from

Iran, the team played in many tournaments and was able to defeat competitors and hold the first place title within their division of the Houston Soccer League for seven years.  Eager to continue their victorious streak, the team played diligently and won the State Cups from 1974 through 1976.

     For twelve years, between 1982 and 1994, the team played in various leagues around Houston, winning most of the division positions throughout the years.  In 1994, the team joined what is arguably the best and most credible league in Houston, the Houston Football Association (H.F.A.).  The team has played in the H.F.A. for the past eleven years, bringing new teams and a vast amount of victories to the association.

     Presently, the ASC Club has four teams in the Houston Football Association League.  The ASC New Stars in the Premier Division is made of players under the age of twenty-five, and currently hold the league champion position, as well as the prestige of being Texas State Champions.  The ASC United Stars which consists of players over the age of 30 and also compete in the Premier Division. The third team is ASC Stars which compete in the Championship Division.   The fourth team is the ASC Original Stars, and they compete in third division and are composed mainly of players over the age of fifty.

     Proudly to date, teams from the club have been champions forty-three times in various tournaments, beginning in 1974 with the International Cup, and continuing as League, State Champions, State Championship Runners-up, and Houston Football Association Tournament Champions.  The club has also had over three hundred players from various countries around the world (some of the countries are: United States, Canada, El Salvador, Columbia, Bolivia, Brazil, Iran, Poland, Turkey, Morocco, Nigeria, Congo, Iraq, Mexico, Argentina, Honduras, France, Bosnia, Albania, England, Spain, Albania, Guatemala, Ecuador and many more…) .  The ASC club happily boasts its vast age range of its players, with the oldest active player in the club at fifty-six years old, and the youngest player at seventeen years old.

     Much of the club’s success is rooted in the team strengthening abilities of its Club President, Mr. Taher Khalil, and the club’s coaching staff:  Mr. Taher Khalili who coaches the ASC Original Stars, Mr. Mehdi Azodi who coaches ASC Stars, Mr. Ashkan Nowamooz who coaches ASC United Stars, and Mr. Majid Savadkoohi who coaches ASC New Stars.

     The club would likes to thank everyone who has helped make its achievements possible, as well as reflect on the memories we have of the few who have passed on and are no longer with us.  We look to the future of the club’s expansion and improvement with great pleasure and excitement.


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